Our Services

Our main focus is Web Design and Web Development, but we also offer other computer related services.

Web Design

We design websites that are clean and clear, but most importantly user friendly. This means we don't just create a website that looks good we make sure that the website make sense to the end user.

We like to keep our clients in the loop when designing a website as we want you to be happy with the end result. If you're not happy, we're not happy.

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Web Development

What we mean by web development is, creating solutions to problems or expanding on existing systems and building it all for the web.

We have extensive knowledge with creating any kinds of systems from simple user management, messaging or auto generated documents to more complicated thing like dynamic form generation, payroll systems and dynamic searching. What ever your needs are, we are always up for a challenge.

Content Management

What is a content management system? A content management system or CMS, is a tool used to add or amend content on a website quickly and easily.

Our content management system is built by us from scratch. We integrate every site we make into our CMS to allow our clients access to their websites content when ever they want. Additionally you can ask us to amend content on your website if you wish.

If you require complex management of lots of data, we can build functions and tools straight into our CMS just for you, and for no extra charge.

Web Hosting

We host all of our websites from our own servers, this gives us complete control over them and enable us to give you a more reliable and secure service.

If you're looking for a reliable, secure and well supported hosting then look no further. We can host many types server-side languages and databases, all on Windows Server 2008.

We are always happy to help, what ever your needs.

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Email Hosting

We can host email accounts for anyone, but companies may want to have their own email domain and all their employees can have their own company email.

We can setup email hosting for you in a flash, if you have 1,2,10 or 1000 users when can set you up.

Our email system gives complete control over each email account giving you the power to minimise your cost.

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PC Support

We have a huge collective knowledge of computers here at KCC, and are happy to lend a hand with any computer problem you may have. Whether it's a Desktop PC, Laptop, Printer, Router or just help with Windows, we are here to help.

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