The Frag Cast is a Battlefield FPS team, playing in scrims, tournaments and pub matches. We are a UK based team with a small amount of people involved. We are a casual team without petty rules or regulations you get with larger clans / communities. We don't play Battlefield for the kills or the unlocks, we play it for the fun of recreational gaming on a casual level. If we enter a match and lose, we don't get annoyed over it, we just laugh and move on!

Our join process is very simple and hassle free. If you want to join, you simply connect to the Teamspeak server and play some games with us, if you fit in and want to join then you can! There's no training or strict indoctrinations that you would get with other groups, which is why you can concentrate on having fun, rather than not breaking the rules.

Respect is our main virtue in TFC. It is our only rule in TFC and must be followed by every member and guest. If you do not respect other members and players, you can see yourself being kicked from the group quickly. There's no shouting at players for failing to do the objective, or getting angry because you died. We're playing a game, and if you get angry over a video game, you probably should find something else to do.

If you would like to join TFC, you must conform to the requirements. The only requirements there are, is that you are aged 16 years or more, you own a microphone and you're able to communicate using the Teamspeak VOIP client, and that you own Battlefield 3 (preferably premium). If you meet the requirements, please fill in your name and email, and you will be contacted within 48 hours.

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